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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two Dropbox Accounts on One Computer

In a previous post, I showed how you can get two maxed-out Dropbox accounts for $5. As one of my readers pointed out though, this raises the question: how do I run them both on my machine at the same time?

Now that you have two Dropbox accounts, you might ask "Sure, but how do I use them both on the same machine??"

Read on to find out...

For Mac OS X:

I created a simple OS X application called Dropbox Alt to do this.
Download it here.

You can copy it to Applications and run it. When you run it for the first time it will ask you to link a new account. You should select an account and directory other than your existing Dropbox setup.

Also, you'll note the two icons are identical on your menu bar:

You can fix this by going to Preferences in your new account and changing it to White and Black:

Now one of them will look like a funky nega-Dropbox:

I got the logic behind the application from here: 

For Windows:

Download this application (I didn't create this one!):

It is meant to be for keeping dropbox on a usb but you can actually just install it onto your hard drive and it creates a duplicate dropbox!

Thanks to Edward Hutchins for posting this totally valid request!

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